Kromey Kaerospace

Kromey Kaerospace is not your average Kerbal space program: Safety always comes first.

Kromey Kaerospace operates under the following principles:

  1. Failure is always an option.
  2. All crewed launches/flights must have escape systems capable of safely returning the crew to the ground in the event of a failure during launch.
  3. No kerbonaut will ever be sent anywhere beyond Kerbin’s atmosphere, or stationed anywhere beyond Kerbin’s atmosphere, that is not equipped to bring him home.
  4. No crewed craft will ever launch without a defined mission objective and profile. Deviation from the planned profile will only be granted if it does not endanger the completion of the original mission or the kerbonauts themselves.
  5. No nuclear material will be permitted to be dumped onto Kerbin or any other inhabited world.

The first point bears some elaboration: Mission failure is always an option, and in fact is the only option if continuing would endanger kerbonaut lives. Rockets are replaceable, our kerbonauts… well, technically they’re replaceable, too, but we like the ones we have and want to keep them around!

Note that in the event of extra-Kerbin colonization, “home” may in fact be a permanent colony, and therefore it may not be necessary to require vehicles capable of returning to Kerbin for all kolonists.

Kromey Kaerospace would like to extend special thanks to KSP Forums user MadHorse for the majority of the flag design, and to NASA for unknowingly contributing the red “swoosh”.

Note: I play primarily stock, with the addition of Kerbal Engineer (as of mission KK-Ke-0004); I’m also experimenting in sandbox mode with Procedural Fairings, and may bring that in for the building of really nice-looking rockets. Additionally, I use the following house rule in my game: Only a single node on the Tech Tree can be unlocked per successful mission which yields Science Points.

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