Munar Orbit

Mission Designation: KK-Ke-0006
Mission Objective: Free-return transfer to the Mun, followed by orbital insertion; target orbit will be under 10 Km.

Science Objective: Mystery Goo™ and Materials Lab experiments conducted during the flight will be transmitted back, while additional experiments and observations done while in low Mun orbit will be returned.

Mission Plan: This mission will deploy the newly-development Materials Lab for additional scientific experiments, using the new Andromeda II, a variation that will incorporate the Lab into the CM. To accommodate the additional weight, the Hercules II rocket will be upgraded with additional fuel in the initial stage to provide additional lift.

Once orbit is achieved, a FRT will be used to safely transfer to the Mun, after which a deceleration burn will park the craft in orbit; correction burns as necessary will put the ship into a sub-10 Km orbit. After a few orbits and scientific observations and experiments, Andromeda will perform an ejection burn aimed at returning directly to Kerbin.

Crew: Bill Kerman

Status: Mission failure.

Report: What began as a slight wobble at launch quickly deteriorated into an uncontrollable tumble as the Hercules IIa lifted off. After repeated attempts to regain control of the ascent failed, the order was given at approximately 18 Km high to abort the launch. Bill cut the engines and fired the LES, which performed admirably in getting the CM clear of the tumbling rocket.

During the descent Bill performed the experiments that had been slated for being done while orbiting Mun; while not their intended purpose, it did prevent the mission from being a complete failure, and for his quick thinking Bill has received a commendation.

4 thoughts on “Munar Orbit

    1. Mystery Goo™ wobbles while in flight; the less robust materials in the Lab splatter about and create interesting color patterns. Bill also confirmed his earlier observations that the water in Kerbin’s seas makes things it touches wet.

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