Mission Designation: KK-Ke-0010
Mission Objective: Place two satellites into orbit around Kerbin at opposite 45° orbits.

Science Objective: None. NB: From this point forward Science Objective will no longer be a part of KK mission plans, as the science conducted is either a part of the primary objective or else included in the plan, making this section superfluous.

Mission Plan: The Hercules III rocket will lift off and carry the Andromeda I into a polar orbit. The lighter Andromeda I will be outfitted with a pair of satellites which will be ejected from the main craft over the north pole, and will then perform their own burns to enter their desired orbits.

Crew: Bill Kerman

Status: Mission failure.

Report: The satellites’ design contained a fundamental flaw in that they are very off balanced, and as a result the satellites become impossible to control during any burn with even a fraction over minimal throttle. The first satellite tumbled and ended up on a suborbital trajectory, after which the second satellite was deliberately de-orbited and splashed down; the first crashed into the southern ice cap.

Bill then returned to Kerbin, landing in the desert. He returned to the KSC with his observations of the desert (“Hot and dry, with no snacks as far as the eye could see!”) and a pocket full of sand.

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