These are the mission records of the brave Kerbals who make Kromey Kaerospace a success. Each kerbonaut, upon successful completion of a mission, will receive a mission ribbon, which in turn will link to the mission report; failed missions will also be part of their records. Kerbals lost or killed in action will be memorialized.


Jebediah “Jeb” Kerman
First Kerbal in space
ribbon_kerbin-capsule ribbon_kerbin-capsule-orbit-equatorial

Reprimanded for flagrant disregard for mission safety protocols while on mission KK-Ke-0001.

Bill Kerman
First Kerbal to observe Mystery Goo™ in space; First Kerbal to orbit Mun

Commendation for quick, science-minded thinking during a crisis while on mission KK-Ke-0006.

Bob Kerman
First Kerbal to achieve orbit; First Kerbal to visit Mun


These brave explorers have signed up to leave Kerbin indefinitely, perhaps permanently, to establish homes on worlds far away from where they grew up.

Note: Only missions that visit a body other than Kerbin are eligible for the “return chevron”; while this may differ from other space programs, Kromey Kaerospace deems the device to have more importance than popping up into (sub-)LKO and coming back down.

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