Space Craft Museum

This page features the various space craft that have made Kromey Kaerospace so successful. Note that not all craft flown will be featured here; instead, only those craft that have helped the program to achieve various milestones will appear.

Type: Sub-orbital space craft
Status: Destroyed
No image available
Designs not available

The Nevyn [name assigned post-mission] was the first craft designed and flown by Kromey Kaerospace. It reached 112 Km apoapsis on its first and only flight before returning to the surface, where much of it was damaged on impact.

Prometheus Ia
Type: Orbital space craft
Status: Retired

Prometheus Ia with final ascent stage in orbit.
Prometheus Ia with final ascent stage in orbit.

The Prometheus Ia, a variation on the earlier Prometheus I sub-orbital design that simply added additional fuel tanks to the first ascent stage, was the first craft launched by Kromey Kaerospace to achieve LKO.

Andromeda I
Type: CSM orbiter
Status: Active

The Andromeda I CSM with LES.
The Andromeda I CSM with LES.

The Andromeda I is Kromey Kaerospace’s first craft design to not include its lifter as part of the design. The Andromeda is also the first craft to incorporate an LES for failed launches. The Andromeda family will continue to develop as Kromey Kaerospace engineers continue to make advances in space craft design, and it is expected to become the primary workhorse of the space program.

Hercules I
Type: Light lifter
Status: Active
No image available

The Hercules I is the first lifter designed separately from a payload. Although it proved barely adequate to deliver the Andromeda I into a sub-orbital trajectory, the Hercules I nonetheless proved the concept of generalized lifter designs, and has paved the way for future developments of this family of lifters.

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